U8 Bluetooth Earphone

U8 Bluetooth Earphone

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- Superb Sound

- Enjoy Stereo Sound with High Definition and deep bass beats and Noise-Isolating technology

- Bluetooth V5 Technology

- Pairs instantly with any Bluetooth enabled device

- Operating Distance of up to 30ft in Open Space

- Ergonomic Ear Fit design

- In-Ear lightweight silicone material provides extended comfort.

- Easy Controls - Simple function controls to handle calls and listening to music. Full Music Control From Headset.

- Hands Free Calls - Intuitive User Interface and Voice prompts allow Notification of Incoming Calls and Phone Numbers. -

2 Hour Recharge / 7 Hours Playback

- Equipped with a high capacity battery. Battery status icon display on iOS /Android device

- Special Sweat Resistance

- IPX5 rating for sweat-proof.


    U8 wireless Bluetooth headset comes with a very light and flexible body along with a very good material which makes it one of the best headsets in the Lower cost range. It has a special type of adaptable body design which comfortably fits on the back of your head and the earpieces to get into much better than just hurting your ears. The earpieces too come with the comfortable design to simply fit into your ears without any hassle and are highly sound leak proof which can allow outer noises to get in. As you won't even have to charge it often and you can keep on listening to music for longer and longer whether you are cooking or working or even working out, whatever may be the case. Also, after the battery runs out, you can charge it up real quick with the help of the charger that is provided in just 1.5 hours and then you are good to go again through seamless entertainment. Thus U8 wireless Bluetooth headset seems to be battery performance champion.


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